The Worst Day of The Week

This book is written by Cleveland Huntley and is titled The Worst Day of The Week: How Christian Faith Communities Can Transform Sunday INTO the Best Day of the Week for People Affected by Disability. The book is the product of the author’s research on disability awareness while pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy degree. The book begins with an introduction to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ramifications associated with its enforcement.  People with disabilities desire equal access to housing, jobs, education, transportation, and public accommodations just as those who are not disabled desire them.

In July 2015, ADA celebrated its 25th anniversary.   Yet during this historic celebration, people affected by disabilities still struggled to overcome the church’s attitudinal and doctrinal barriers that prevented them from gaining equivalent experience of the love of Jesus. Cleveland Huntley’s objective for writing this book is to create awareness and empathy to the needs of people that who are disabled in Christian churches all over the world. Although the church attempts to address these issues by offering job training, health screenings, and various forms of counseling, it remains silent on encouraging a disability ministry. People affected by disability also have spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, and they want to be included in the life of the church. This fact cannot be ignored by the people of God.